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Turn your text contents into voice using the best Text-to-Speech technologies.


Convert Text to Voice

Convert your DOCUMENTS (pdf, txt, doc(x), epub, ods, odt, pages, ppt(x), png, jpeg)to AUDIO files.

High-quality voices

Select from our range of voices, create messages, generate MP3 files without delay and download.

For private and Commercial purposes

Whether you wanna listen to an article on the way to work or create a presentation Artivle has the solution for you.

Why Choose Us

We are a new startup service providing “speech synthesis” for articles. Our service helps Journalists and writers to attract readers as well as listeners to extend their circle of audience. .

Artivle helps you to convert your text contents, such as blog posts or book or article to voice! Artivle can helps you to make your own audio book, or put a voice version of your article on your blog.

Share converted audio files on your Medium blog, social media or any other blog or website you have using our cloud based sharable link or embeddable script.

We use the best available text to speech technology and which provides you with high-quality natural voices.

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Pricing Table

Starter Plan

$9.99/ month

  • Turn 4 Articles to Audio per Month

  • 10,000 Characters each

  • 2 Test Runs Per Task

  • 20 Live Tests Per Task

  • 2 Weeks Trial

Regular Plan

$19.99/ month

  • Turn 10 Articles to Audio per Month

  • 10,000 Characters each

  • 4 Test Runs Per Task

  • 50 Live Tests Per Task

  • 2 Weeks Trial

Personalized Plan


  • Tell us how many Article you need per month

  • How many Characters you need?

  • How many Test Runs you need?

  • We will make a personalized plan for you based on your needs

Enterprise Plan


  • You send us the script

  • Our experts will do the work for you

  • We Will Send You The Audio File!

  • Subscription Plan or One Time Work With No Limitation

  • Phone and Email Support

Sample Voices

Book Section: 1984


News: SpaceX Dragon capsule docks with space station


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